Our Story

Like most of us, I have a vanity filled with makeup I will never wear.  Lipsticks and foundations that were sold to me online or at a make-up counter by someone who was just there to make a sell that day.  We all have experienced the never-ending search to find the perfect nude lipstick and shades that are really made with us in mind.

As branding and marketing executives we are motivated to do something about the lack of inclusion for women of color in the beauty industry. We created Boujie Free Cosmetics because we believe all of us should be able to find our shades in every beauty brand, especially those beauty brands that are targeting us in marketing/advertising campaigns.

At Boujie Free Cosmetics we are  women of color who are taking the time to develop cosmetics that are specifically made for us. From light to dark skin tones you will find your perfect shades to enhance your already beautiful skin.

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Boujie Free Cosmetics

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